Helmsley Postdoctoral Teaching Scholars

The first four Helmsley Postdoctoral Teaching Scholars with Beth Luoma,  Director of the Helmsley STEM Education Program at the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning (From left to right: Zosia Krusberg(physics), Lake Bookman(math), Beth Luoma, Claudia De Grandi(physics), Brett Smith(math)).

In November 2014 the Helmsley Charitable Trust awarded a grant to the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, together with the mathematics and physics departments.  This grant provides funding to build a cohort of trained STEM instructors who will collaborate on active learning practices in a network of colleges and universities.

Claudia De Grandi and Zosia Krusberg were appointed as the new Helmsley Postdoctoral Teaching Scholars for the physics department starting in July 2015. They will work closely with Yale’s Center for Teaching and Learning to design and teach physics courses at Yale and our partner institutions, Housatonic Community College and the University of Bridgeport, that implement innovative pedagogical approaches. Other initiatives include training and mentoring graduate teaching fellows and building connections within Yale and beyond by promoting evidence-based techniques for teaching.