Phys 180-181 Active-learning format

The faculty members responsible for teaching the two-semester sequence, Phys 180-181 University Physics, have been integrating different formats of active-learning in the classroom starting more than a decade ago. Professor Meg Urry adopted the use of clickers the first time in 2001 by using simple colored papers as flashcards. Later on clicker devices were provided to the department and the course has been flipped and renovated introducing in-class group work and outside class study halls. More recently Dr. Rona Ramos and Prof. Sean Barrett have successfully taught Phys 180 using the SmartPhysics platform.  By 2014 Prof. Reina Maruyama and Prof. Meg Urry have transformed Phys 181 into a highly active classroom; students work together to answer clicker questions through the Learning Catalytics software, while benefitting from the peer instruction approach.