Physics of Dance

Sarah Demers and Emily Coates (photo by Christopher Capozziello).

Physics Professor Sarah Demers and Theater Studies lecturer and former New York City Ballet dancer, Emily Coates, developed an interdisciplinary course for non-science majors investigating introductory concepts in physics through the lens of dance.  The first course met in Fall 2011, and was co-taught by Profs. Demers and Coates.

Topics in physics include the normal force, friction, Newton’s laws, projectile motion, potential and kinetic energy, and conservation of energy.  Topics in dance include aspects of dance history, contemporary artists who engage with science, and the development of movement studies.  Class meetings include movement exercises.

Prof. Demers won the Yale Provost’s Teaching Prize in 2013-2014 for her commitment as in innovative teacher.  She also developed a new interdisciplinary course, Physics of Music.

Students of Physics of Dance in a dance studio in Elm street (photo by Christopher Capozziello).