October 1, 2009
The Leigh Page Prize Lectures were held September 28, 29, and 30, 2009 by John Mather, NASA - [Poster]
September 30, 2009
Richard Casten (D. Allan Bromley Professor of Physics) has received several honors in the past year including an Honorary Doctorate from Surrey University, UK (June 2008...
September 28, 2009
John Tully (Sterling Professor of Chemistry & Professor of Physics) has been named as a fellow of the American Chemical Society. He was among a group of 162 who were...
June 30, 2009
Meredith Frey (Graduate Student) has been awarded a Prize Teaching Fellowship for 2009-2010 from the Graduate School.
May 29, 2009
Douglass Endrizzi (ES’2010) has won the AAPT Barbara Loetz Scholarship for future high school physics teachers.
May 29, 2009
Meg Urry (Israel Munson Professor of Physics & Chair of Department) has received an honorary doctor of science degree from Tufts University for her research in...
May 28, 2009
Priyamvada Natarajan, associate professor of astronomy and physics, has been named a 2009 fellow by the Guggenheim Foundation. Yale Bulletin & Calendar.