Claudia De Grandi

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Helmsley Associate Research Scientist

Research: My research aims to understand many-body quantum systems that are feasibly realized in some experimental setup. In particular I have studied how to describe some of the out-of-equilibrium properties of cold atomic gases through quantum quenches, with special attention to the one-dimensional case, and to system that have a quantum phase transition. I am now focusing on describing the many-body physics arising in other experimental contexts as arrays of superconducting quantum bits realized with circuit QED systems.

Teaching: As a Helmsley Teaching Scholar I focus on advancing the teaching mission of the Yale Physics department by designing and teaching Introductory Physics classes based on pedagogical approaches as the flipped class format, student assessments and active-learning techniques. I work closely with the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning to implement these innovative teaching methods at Yale and beyond.

Ph.D., Boston University, 2011
Field of Study: 
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Optics, Undergraduate Teaching, Active-Learning and Evidence-Based teaching pedagogies