• Potential changes caused by displacing oxygens in the interfacial layer of a LSMO/BTO interface. Photo by Alexandru Bogdan Georgescu 
  • Homestake Mine houses more than just the LUX detector--it also plays host to several world-famous liquid nitrogen ice cream chefs. Ariana Hackenburg & Nichole Larsen 
  • Taken at Sanford Underground Laboratory in Lead, SD. Photo by Blair Edwards 
  • 1st Place: The most beautiful street in America, C. Dickens and M. Twain (Hillhouse Avenue). Photo by Claudia De Grandi 



The Department of Physics offers studies in a wide range of fields leading to Baccalaureate and Doctoral degrees. The Department has a diverse faculty pool with the majority of professors having their primary appointment in the Physics Department. The specific interests of the Department’s faculty members fall into several areas of research which are detailed on the

 Department’s Research Web-page

Many faculty members have joint appointments in other departments at Yale. These include:



May 18, 2015
Congratulations to Aaron Michael Effron (MC 2015) Physics major, Maya Fishbach (JE 2015) Physics (Int.) major, Catherine Lyman Harmer (JE 2015) Physics major, Robert James...
April 23, 2015
Twelfth Conference on the Intersections of Particle and Nuclear Physics CIPANP is a conference designed to explore areas of interest to scientists working in elementary...
April 13, 2015
Reina Maruyama (Assistant Professor of Physics) and Karsten Heeger (Professor of Physics) Cryogenic Underground Observatory for Rare Events (CUORE) Research featured in Yale...