Graduate Student Assembly

The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) is an elected body of students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences that participates in Graduate School policymaking relevant to matters of their education and their lives as students.

The Assembly’s goals are to:

  • identify the needs and concerns of graduate students, consider possible solutions, and present these to the Dean and other administrators.
  • discuss and advise on changes to Graduate School policy proposed by the administration.
  • provide a means for communication and deliberation both among and between graduate students and other members of the university community.

Recent accomplishments of the GSA include:

  • implementation of a Conference Travel Fund (CTF) that provides awards to students allowing them to present their research at conferences.
  • improvements to the Yale transit system (Central Science Loop, nighttime shuttle changes).
  • the elimination of the summer gym fee for all graduate and professional students.

Current issues being adopted by the GSA include:

  • the accessibility of child care at Yale.
  • lobbying Congress for the reduction of federal income tax on graduate students.

The GSA welcomes new ideas, issues and concerns raised by students. If you have suggestions for changes or improvements to policies and services, please bring it to our attention by attending a meeting, or contacting a representative. Information about meetings can be found on the GSA website. Meetings are open to ALL graduate students. You may contact the assembly directly at