McDougal Graduate Student Center

The McDougal Center, located at 135 Prospect Street, has services and facilities designed specifically for graduate students and post-docs. Created in 1997 through a generous gift from Alfred McDougal ‘53 and his wife Nancy Lauter.

The Center is a great physical space with a Common Room and Coffee Lounge equipped with free coffee, tea, and water (bring your own mug), a lounge space, widescreen TVs, and magazines. Just outside, you’ll find the Caulkins Courtyard and the Swenson Terrace. The offices for staff and fellows of McDougal Graduate Student Life are in the McDougal Center, along with satellite offices of the Office of Career Strategy (OCS), and the Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSDD).

Visit the McDougal Graduate Student Center website for information on events and activities or call 432-BLUE (432-2583)

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