Academic Requirements Overview

Course Requirements

Course Requirements Introduced in 2018

Take at least

  7 one-semester courses=

  (6 ‘lecture’ + 1 ‘special investigation (SI)’)=

  (5 ‘foundational’ + 1 ‘elective’ + 1 ‘SI’)

Plus the ‘helpful info’ , low-workload requirements of PHYS 515 (Physics Research Options) in Fall, and PHYS 590 (Responsible Conduct of Research) in Spring

Course Requirements for those students who matriculated prior to the Fall of 2016

9 Term Courses; 1 Lab Course; Phys 590 Responsible Conduct in Research

(For core courses: if you’ve already taken a comparable class, sign-up for Pass Out exam, see OrgSync)

6 Core Courses
  • Phys 500a Advanced Classical Mechanics
  • Phys 506a Math Methods
  • Phys 508a Quantum Mechanics I
  • Phys 502b Electromagnetic Theory
  • Phys 512b Statistical Physics I
  • Phys 608b Quantum Mechanics II

(a = fall term; b = spring term)

Lab Course
Phys 504b Modern Physics Measurements - OR - Phys 990 Special Investigation

Advanced Courses One from the following:

  • Phys 538 Intro to Relativistic Astrophysics & General Relativity
  • Phys 609a Relativistic Field Theory I
  • Phys 610a Quantum Many Body Theory
  • Phys 628b Statistical Physics II
  • Phys 630 Relativistic Field Theory II

Two additional electives

Teaching Requirement

4 semesters as a Teaching Assistant at the TF10 level (10 hrs/week)


Yale Graduate School grade format: Honors (H); High Pass (HP); Pass (P); Fail (F)

  • Grad School Requirement: 2 grades of Honors by the end of the fourth term of full-time study
  • Physics department Requirement: High Pass average by the end of the fourth term of full-time study