Hahn Scholars Program

Many of our most outstanding STEM students want to work with Yale professors as soon as they set foot on campus. The Yale College Dean’s Office is grateful to Mr. Scott Sang-Won Hahn, (Yale College ’94) who has recently endowed a new program to enable first year students to work with Yale faculty. Students on financial aid are encouraged to apply. The benefits of this program are outlined below.

  • “Hahn Scholars” will be selected to work with Yale professors beginning second semester oftheir first-year. Hahn Scholars will spend a maximum of 10 hours per week x 10 weeks/semesterin the lab under close supervision of a Yale faculty mentor and paid $15.00 per hour (total$1,500 per student per semester).
  • Scholars are encouraged to continue doing independent research in the same lab during the summer after their first-year, and during both semesters in their sophomore year (3 semester financial support totaling $4,500).
  • All scholars are expected to participate actively in lab presentations, journal clubs, etc.
  • Scholars will submit a bi-monthly progress report on their research project to Dean Chang, whowill also meet with scholars on a regular basis to make sure their research is progressing well.
  • At the end of every semester, a mini research symposium will be held, where each HahnScholars will give a 15-minute presentation on their research project to their research mentorsand fellow scholars.
  • Scholars’ scientific progress will be evaluated after each semester, in consultation with theirmentors, and only those who continue to demonstrate productivity and a passion for researchwill be selected as Hahn Scholars for the sophomore year.
  • Successful scholars will be guaranteed funding through the Yale College First-Year SummerResearch Fellowship to continue their research in the summer.
Selection of Hahn Scholars: Yale’s Hahn Scholars’ Program is extremely competitive and scholars will be selected primarily from high achieving STEM students. Selection depends upon, but are not limited, to the following:
  • The candidate must demonstrate the ability to perform high quality, independent research;authorships on scientific publications as a high school student is highly desirable.
  • The candidate must write a well written research proposal of high scientific merit and impact.
  • Three outstanding letters of recommendations are required, one from the high school researchmentor, one from the Yale research mentor, and a third from a Yale STEM professor.
  • A 3.8 or higher first semester GPA is required, suggesting that the applicant is likely able tohandle the strenuous work-load that comes with independent research.
  • Agreement to limit the number of credits taken as Hahn Scholars to no more than 4.5 creditsper semester.
  • Scholars are encouraged to work in the mentor’s lab for a minimum of 3 semesters plus thesummer after first year.
A fellowship selection committee composed of Dean Chang and other Yale professors will be formed to select qualified students. Please contact Dean Chang (s.chang@yale.edu) for further information
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