Welcome Incoming Graduate Students

Xiran Bai
University of Michigan
Research Interests: Experimental Cosmology/Nuclear Physics

About me: I like poetry

Derek Chen
Lehigh University
Research Interests: Atomic Physics

About me: love watching and playing sports

Arianna Garcia Caffaro
Notre Dame University
Research Interests: Experimental particle physics

About me: I was born and raised in Guatemala, came to the US four years ago for undergrad. I really enjoy playing volleyball and spending time outdoors.

John Garmon
Virginia Tech
Research Interests: Quantum Computing, Superconducting Qubits, Experimental Realization of Quantum Error Correction

About me: I am the youngest of 5 boys, I like hiking, and I have built a magnetic levitation system!

Caitlin Gish
University of South Florida
Research Interests: Computational soft matter

About me: I spent a year as a professional ballerina.

Mark Gonzalez
Tufts University
Research Interests: Theoretical cosmology and high energy physics.

About me: I enjoy long-distance hiking, skiing, and playing bass.

Sophia Hollick
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Research Interests: Nuclear Theory and Astrophysics (undecided).

About me: I play a lot of guitar and love to go dancing.

Joseph Lap
Columbia University
Research Interests: High Energy Nuclear Physics (Holography, Strongly Coupled Theories, and Heavy-Ion Collisions)

About me: I was meant to present at two philosophy conferences this summer. Also a big fan of long-distance running and contemporary classical music.

Charles Lomba
University of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: I am interested in the field of biological physics.

About me: I am ambidextrous.

Matthew Mitchell
University of Colorado, Boulder
Research Interests: High energy theory, condensed matter theory, and numerical methods.

About me: I ran the academic quiz bowl team at my undergrad institution.

Asheesh Momi
McGill University
Research Interests: Biophysics Theory

About me: I once visited the Galapagos Islands

Iris Ponce
Columbia University
Research Interests: I am interested in experimental particle physics, neutrinos specifically.

About me: I was born and raised in Honduras!

Ananya Rai
University of California, San Diego
Research Interests: Quantum materials in condensed matter experiment, Quantum information

About me: I went skydiving when I was 9. Looking back I'm not sure how my parents were convinced that I was not freaking out.

Shasta Ramachandran
Columbia University
Research Interests: Condensed Matter Theory / Quantum Information Physics

About me: I play Jazz, Bluegrass, and frisbee with my dog.

Glenn Richardson
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Research Interests: Particle Physics and Computational Physics

About me: I took a gap year after undergraduate to work in software development.

Kirsty Scott
Florida State University
Shivnag Sista
Indian Institute of Science
Research Interests: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.

About me: If I have to tell something about myself, it's probably not important. If it's important, then you'll find out anyways :-)

Youqi Song
University of California, Berkeley
Research Interests: Experimental nuclear/particle physics

About me: I like Pokemon.

Matthew Stortini
University of Washington
Research Interests: Particle physics, neutrino physics and phenomenology.

About me: I like to play basketball, listen to music, and read in my spare time.

Jenny Tian
Washington University in St. Louis
Research Interests: Condensed matter physics and computational research in general

About me: I am a composer, violinist, singer and pianist, and enjoy writing and performing chamber music with friends.

Andrew Ton
Brown University
Research Interests: fundamentally and as a paradigm in materials, biology, and other systems

About me: I dyed my hair green once, and I can juggle. If this physics thing doesn't work out, I might be a good fit for clown school.

Talia Weiss
Research Interests: Neutrino physics, nuclear physics, low-energy fundamental physics, Bayesian statistics

About me: After college, I spent a year doing a masters in political science and a year conducting neutrino physics research.

Sierra Wilde
University of Washington
Research Interests: Nuclear physics, particle physics, and neutrino physics

About me: I have been doing triathlons for two years. I also like hiking and other outdoorsy things.

Jinming Yang
University of Science and Technology of China
Research Interests: Condensed matter physics in general. To be more specific, it is the novel emergent behaviour in quantum many body system in condensed matter.

About me: Unicycle

Xinping Yang
University of Pennsylvania
Geoffrey Zheng
Princeton University
Research Interests: Ultracold atomic and molecular physics, experimental condensed matter physics

About me: I played violin in an orchestra in college. I also enjoy playing tennis, badminton, and squash in my free time.