Degree Date: December, 2010
Rona Ramos's picture
Rona Ramos
Sean Barrett
Graduate Program Coordinator

Yale University

Novel Pulse Sequences Exploiting the Effects of Hard π-pulses
In magnetic resonance and other spectroscopies, the strong pulses used to control coherent spin evolution are often approximated as instantaneous delta function rotations. However, small corrections to the delta function model can cause surprising departures from the conventional theory in standard multipulse NMR experiments using strong π-pulses. In this dissertation, we report the exploration of the small correction terms resulting from the finite duration of realistic pulses, however strong... more
Degree Date: December, 2009
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Ke Han
Jack Sandweiss

Search for Stable Strange Quark Matter in Lunar Soil
Strange Quark Matter (SQM) is a proposed state of hadronic matter made up of roughly one-third each of up, down, and strange quarks in a single hadronic bag. For the last three decades, a wide range of experimental searches for strangelets (small lumps of SQM with baryon number less than 106) have been conducted but all failed to give a definite answer to the existence of SQM. We report results from a search for strangelets in a lunar soil sample, in which the predicted strangelet concentration... more
Degree Date: May, 2008
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Yong Jiang
David DeMille

Progress Towards Searching for Electron Electric Dipole Moment Using PbO
Observation of a non-zero electron electric dipole moment (EDM) will be explicit evidence for physics beyond the Standard Model. There is significant interest in developing experiments that can probe beyond the current limits for the electron EDM. An experiment to look for the EDM of the electron using the metastable a(1) [3Σ+] state of the PbO molecule has been implemented at Yale University. We populate the a(1) [3Σ+] state of 208PbO using laser-microwave double resonance, and we... more
Degree Date: May, 1963
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Charles Baltay
Horace Dwight Taft
Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics

Yale University

A study of antiperon production in antiperon-proton reactions