Hongxing Tang

Hongxing Tang's picture
Llewellyn West Jones, Jr. Professor of Engineering
BCT 525
+1 (203) 432-4256
Research Areas: 
Applied Physics
Research : 
Nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS), classical and quantum optomechanics, integrated quantum optics, microfluidics embedded nanosensor development
Ph.D. Caltech, 2002
Honors & Awards: 

Arthur Greer Memorial Prize, 2010

Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering, 2009

National Science Foundation Career Award, 2009

National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Symposium Invited Participant, 2008

Selected Publications: 
  • D. Garcia-Sanchez, H. Bhaskaran, K. Fong, S. Lamoreaux, H. Tang “Casimir force and in-situ surface potential measurements on nanomembranes”, Physical Review Letters 109, 027202 (2012).
  • M. Bagheri, M. Poot, M. Li, W. P. H. Pernice, H. X. Tang, “Dynamic manipulation of nanomechanical resonators in the high-amplitude regime and non-volatile mechanical memory operation”, Nature Nanotechnology 6, 726 (2011).
  • Mo Li, W. H. P. Pernice, H. X. Tang, “Reactive cavity optical forces on micro-disk coupled nanomechanical beam waveguides”, Physical Review Letters, 103, 223901 (2009).
  • Mo Li, W. Pernice, H. Tang, “Tunable bipolar optical interactions between guided lightwaves”, Nature Photonics3, 3, 464 (2009).
  • Mo Li, W. H. P. Pernice, H. X. Tang, “Broadband all-photonic transduction of nanocantielvers”, Nature Nanotechnology 4, 377 (2009).
  • G. Kumar, H. Tang, J. Schroers, “Nanomoulding using thermoplastic forming with bulk metallic glass”,  Nature 457, 868 (2009).
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  • W. Pernice, Mo Li, H. Tang, “Theoretical investigation of the transverse optical force between a silicon nano-wire and a substrate”, Optics Express 17, 1806 (2009).
  • W. Pernice, Mo Li, H. Tang, “Photothermal actuation in nanomechanical waveguide devices”, Journal of Applied Physics 105, 014508 (2009).
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  • F. Monzon, H. Tang, M. Roukes, “Magnetoelectronic phenomena at a ferromagnet-semiconductor interface,”Physical Review Letters 84, 5022 (2000).