Qualifying Exam and Graduate Curriculum Review Committee

The qualifying exam and graduate program review committee is asked to undertake a fresh look at the graduate program in the Physics Department and how we can best enable the success of current and future students. Specifically, the committee is charged with reviewing and formulating the learning goals of our graduate program and evaluating how course work, teaching, and research contribute to these goals. We ask the committee to critically evaluate what qualifying event would best serve these goals and whether different qualifying exams based on subfields should be considered. The committee is asked to pay special attention to and comment on how the structure of our program and choice of exam impact diversity, equity, and inclusion in our graduate program.

Given the unique situation due to COVID in AY 2020-2021 and considering the plans and boundary conditions for the spring semester we ask the committee to make a recommendation for the qualifying exam for this year as well as in the future.

The committee is expected to consult frequently with faculty and students.

Sarah Demers - chair
Rona Ramos - Graduate Program Coordinator
Daisuke Nagai - faculty  
Yoram Alhassid - faculty
Meng Cheng - faculty
Walter Goldberger - faculty
Sohan Vartak - graduate student
Hannah Bossi - graduate student
Bonnie Fleming, DGS, ex-officio
Karsten Heeger, Chair, ex officio

(potential observers from the Graduate School and the Office of Graduate Student Development and Diversity)