Beam Physics


The beam physics lab utilizes shielded space within Wright Lab that once housed the electron linac at Yale. Our projects have thus bridged the transition from Yale’s legacy accelerator-based physics programs to studies that seek to discover new mechanisms to accelerate charged particles, and the technological advances needed to apply these mechanisms. We are working to apply principles and technologies from accelerator science that can either support the wider scientific goals of Wright Laboratory or be applied to practical areas, such as remediation of environmental pollutants.

For further information, see Yale Wright Laboratory.



Please see the Beam Physics Lab website for further descriptions of the following projects:

  • Beam Driven Accelerator
  • RF Breakdown
  • Bimodal RF Gun
  • Multi-Beam Klystron
  • Partially Grounded Depressed Collector
  • Neutrino Mass
  • Neutrino Detector Calibration
  • Accelerator-Based Environment Remediation