Daniel McKinsey

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Professor of Physics
SPL 49 / EAL 322 / EAL 324

My research centers on non-accelerator particle physics, particle astrophysics, and low temperature physics. In particular, I work on the development of new detectors using liquefied noble gases, which promise to be useful in looking for physics beyond the Standard Model. Applications include the search for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs), neutrinoless double beta decay, and the measurement of the low energy solar neutrino flux. I am also developing optical methods for imaging metastable helium molecules in superfluid helium, with applications to dark matter detection, ultracold neutron detection, and imaging of turbulence in superfluid helium.

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Atomic Physics

Experimental Particle Physics

Ph.D, Harvard University, 2002
Field of Study: 
Atomic Physics & Particle Astrophysics