Special Events

The Physics department has three endowed lecture series: The Leigh Page Prize Lectures, The Hanan Rosenthal Memorial Lecture, and the Miller-Breit Lectures. Please find listed below several of the recent lectures with links to posters if we have them.

The Leigh Page Prize Lectures (started in 1967)

See lecture page for complete list:

2016 (May): John Preskill

2015 (Feb.): Fabiola Gianotti

2014 (Apr.): Dam T. Son

Hanan Rosenthal Memorial Lecture (started in 1973)

See lecture page for complete list:

40th: Jun Ye

39th: Markus Arndt

38th: Margaret Murnane

Miller-Breit Lecture (started in 2005)

2012: Eugenio Coccia

2007: Robert H. Socolow

2006: Steven Block

Vernon W. Hughes Lecture (started in 2009)

2016: Giorgio Gratta

2014: Immanuel Bloch

2012: Art McDonald

Past Special Events