Taking Care of Yourself

New Haven events

The New Haven area events calendar is available on line.

Payne Whitney Gym

Payne Whitney Gymnasium, the largest building at Yale, is located at the north end of campus on Tower Parkway. Anyone affiliated with the University is eligible for membership. Yale students with valid I.D. cards are permitted open access to the building while other members of the Yale community are required to register and pay a membership fee.

For specific schedule information on activities etc., please call the Information Desk at 432-1444. Membership information can be obtained by calling 432-2474.

Yale Health Plan

All Ph.D. students are given a university fellowship for single coverage for health and hospitalization insurance. For a two person plan to include a spouse or a family plan, the Graduate School will pay 50% of the premium and the student is responsible for the other 50%.

Health services are provided through the Yale Health Plan, 55 Locke Street. Please contact Member Services for more detailed information about coverage and services at 432-0246 or visit the University Health Services web site.

Yale events calendar

The Yale University calendar of events is available on line. The Physics Events Calendar is also available on line.