Departmental facilities and resources


Canvas can be accessed on line.

Computers and Printers

Wireless access is available throughout the Department.

There is a printer for your use in SPL 58/76.  This is a Dell 5330dn laser printer with IP address  Your departmental laptops are already configured to use this printer.  Paper supplies are kept in the SPL Mail Room. 

Local department IT support is provided by Andrew Currie in room SPL 68D on the second floor. Please contact Andrew with any problems you may have regarding departmental computing or your laptops. Andrew can be reached at or

Copy Machine

The copy machine located in 37 SPL, is for your use to copy teaching materials if you are assigned a T.A. position. You will be given a code number at the beginning of the term. In general, this copier is not for personal use. However, we can accommodate your personal copies on an infrequent basis for small jobs (see Graduate Registrar for code number). For larger personal jobs, we can make arrangements for copy charges. A copier is available at The Center for Science and Social Science Information (CSSSI) in Kline Tower; a prepaid copy card can be purchased at the library.

Department Calendar

The Department calendar for seminars and events can be found on line. You can export the calendar by following the instructions on the calendar page. 

Department Directory


All problems and concerns regarding the Physics buildings, such as doors or locks, should be reported to the Department Manager. Please do not hesitate to bring a problem to their attention. A small problem left unresolved can become a big problem if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Forms/Degree Requirements

All Graduate School forms can be found on the Graduate School’s Web site.

Graduate School Calendar

The academic calendar can be viewed on line.


Students are issued keys as necessary. Please see Maria Foley in 34 SPL. When you terminate your studies and leave the university, all keys should be returned. The building is normally locked from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and accessible only with your Yale ID.

Kitchen Facilities

Students may use the refrigerator and microwave located in the kitchen on the third floor (adjacent to the Lounge). The air pot coffee machines are not available for your use other than for getting hot water. This is a community kitchen (and used for department events as well) so mark your refrigerated items with your name.

For a small fee, coffee and espresso are available to students during normal business hours in 33 SPL.


You will be assigned a mailbox in 37 SPL. This box will be for Campus Mail and department notices only.  These boxes should not be used for personal mail. Your postal address should be where you reside; if you reside in the graduate dorms, you will need to obtain a Yale Station U.S. postal mailbox.

Room assignments and laboratory facilities

Entering students are assigned a desk usually in room 76 SPL for use during their first year. Each desk has a lock so you may store personal belongings. Please do not leave belongings unattended on top of your desk.

Second year students are usually assigned a desk in either room SPL 75 or SPL 77 if they do not have a space with their adviser’s research group.

For safety reasons, small appliances, such as hot pots or coffee pots, may not be used in any of these office areas.

Once you begin working with an adviser, your work and laboratory space will be assigned by your adviser.


As a general precaution, use good judgment when placing your belongings in the classrooms and labs or your desk space/office.

Please keep your desk locked if you are storing anything of value, i.e. textbooks, laptop computer etc. Also, wallets, purses and cell phones should not be made visible to others who may enter an office or lab area when no one is present.

For security reasons, if you encounter a problem with any lock or entry/exit door to the Physics buildings, please notify our Department Manager so that the problem can be fixed.

Software Library

The university software library is available on line for downloading software for which the university has a license.

Yale Info

The Yale Phonebook and Index of Sites can be viewed on line.