Staff Directory and Contact Information

If you would like to find someone’s email address please use the Yale University Online Phonebook. For a printable version of our departmental directory please click here.

Other Numbers:

Conference Room (SPL 38) - 203-432-3650
Undergraduate Lounge (SPL 73C) - 203-432-2636
Visitor’s Office (SPL 65L) - 203-432-8158
Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics (HLH46-001) - 203-432-3392

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WLC 100C
Phone: +1 (203) 436-9504
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SPL 12 / WL-W 327
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SPL 76/58
Phone: 203-436-3548
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SPL 76/58
Phone: 203-436-3548
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BCT 005
Phone: 203-432-4228
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EVN 303
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SPL 35
Phone: 203-432-0697
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BCT 602A
Phone: 203-432-7629
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Temple Medical Center, Area 6E
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SPL 61 / WL-EAL 326
Phone: 203-432-5276
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WLC 100D
Phone: 203-432-5194
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Wright Lab-W 302
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BCT 225
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EVAN 301
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BCT 301
Phone: 203-432-7044
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WL 230A
Phone: 203-436-1414
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SPL 76/58
Phone: 203-436-3548
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Temple Medical Center/6E
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BCT 023
Phone: 203-432-4240
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SPL 12
Phone: 203-432-5096
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KBT 1048