Masters requirements and petitioning for master’s degree

M.S. (en route to the Ph.D.) Students who complete the four core courses (1. PHYS 500, Advanced Classical Mechanics; 2. PHYS 508, Quantum Mechanics I; 3. PHYS 502, Electromagnetic Theory I; 4. PHYS 512, Statistical Physics I), plus one of the following: PHYS 608, Quantum Mechanics II; PHYS 990, Special Investigations; or an advanced elective (all with a satisfactory record) qualify for the M.S. degree. Certain equivalent course work or successful completion of a pass-out examination may allow individual students to substitute an elective course for a required one. Course information can be found on the Search Yale Courses Page.

M.Phil. Students who have successfully advanced to candidacy qualify for the M.Phil. degree.

Students can petition for their degree once they have met the requirements for the degree. This should be done at the end of the term in which requirements have been completed. A form can be obtained by visiting the University Registrar’s Office Forms & Petitions web page.

At the time of advancement to candidacy, students who have not petitioned for or received en route masters’ degrees will automatically be considered for such degrees at the next degree award date.