Maps and Directions

Driving Directions

Although driving is not the most sustainable option, here are some tips to reduce fuel consumption.

From I-95 Northbound or Southbound:

Take I-91 North in New Haven

From I-91 Northbound or Southbound:

Exit I-91 at Trumbull Street (Exit 3), proceed along Trumbull and turn right onto Whitney Avenue. Turn left on Sachem as you approach Prospect Street you will see Ingalls Rink (the big whale). Turn right onto Prospect Street and turn left into the parking lot (Lot 26V). For weekend parking you can park in either lot 26V (Ingalls Rink Lot) or 16V (Whitney Avenue Lot) for free. Please note that if there is a home hockey game there will be a $2.00/hour charge for lot 26V. Click here for detailed map.

Wright Laboratory is located behind Bass which is on the left-hand side of Kline courtyard. The Mansions are located at 46, 52, and 56 Hillhouse Ave. The main physics building, Sloane Physics Laboratory, is located near the base of the tall tower (Kline Biology Laboratory) across from the walking entrance to the Prospect Sachem Garage. See detailed map.

The Chairman's Office is on the first floor (Rm. 34 Sloane Physics).

Distances are 140 miles from Boston, 70 miles from NYC, 50 miles from Bradley airport just north of Hartford, and roughly 6 miles from Tweed airport in New Haven.

Alternative Transportation Methods

Learn more about the environmental impacts of transportation.

New Haven is served by two beautiful train stations:

Union Station and State Street Station

Service from the East...
New London

Shoreline East provides fast and easy transportation between New London and New Haven. Shoreline East offers monthly and 10-trip passes. See below for transportation information to the train stations.

Service from the West...
New York City

Metro North offers train transportation to and from New Haven to New York City with stops in between. Metro North offers monthly and 10-trip passes. See below for transportation information to the train stations.

Service from the North and more...
Vermont, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Amtrak provides train service between Vermont and New Haven. Additionally, Amtrak provides train access between Boston and Washington, D.C. at prices that are competitive with air travel. Amtrak offers monthly and 10-trip tickets pass.

How to get to the Physics Department from the Union Square train station:

1) Yale shuttle (free, about 20 min.): it stops in front of the train station (looks like a small white small bus/van, Yale written on the side)

anybody could go in (you do not need to show any ID), they run quite frequently 

so you probably need to wait at most 10 minutes, if you have a smartphone

you can even check it in real time here

The line that passes from the train station during the day is the red line

that brings you in front of the physics department in about 20 minutes,

get off at Prospect Street in front of the Chemistry building (which it is next to the Physics one)

the stop name is : Chemistry / 225 Prospect

2) Downtown/Union Station Shuttle (free, 5min)+10 min-walk through campus: if it the weather is nice and you

want to have a little glimpse of the Yale campus,

you could take the free downtown/union station shuttle that brings you to downtown New Haven, 

(it runs very frequently, look for a regular city bus with the green sign{550BD39F-4E01-45E4-88D4-389E507E7969})

and then you could walk to the Physics Department (10 minutes), walking in Hillhouse Avenue,

"the most beautiful street in America" according to Charles Dickens and Mark Twain,

here is the path


3) Taxi (about $10 including tip): you always find many cabs outside the station (otherwise you can call 203-777-7777).

Walking and Biking

Walking and biking are also viable methods for getting to, and around, the Physics department. The Canal Greenway is a good route and there are bike racks near Sloane Physics Laboratory which are shown on the Bike Racks map (these two maps were obtained from Walking and biking directions can also be obtained by going to

Directions to the Physics Department: 

Navigating between Physics Department locations:

Sloane Physics Lab (SPL) to Wright Lab (WL)

Wright Lab (WL) to Sloane Physics Lab (SPL)

SPL/WL to Mansions on Hillhouse Ave

Mansions on Hillhouse Ave to SPL/WL