Financial Matters


Under certain circumstances, loans are available to students. Requests for loans should be made to the Graduate School Financial Aid Office for determination of eligibility. Visit their office at 129 HGS or call (203)432-2739 for more information.


First paycheck of academic year: September 15 – pick up in the Chair’s Office, room 34 SPL.

Paydays: Semi-monthly on the 15th of the month and the last day of the month.

When either of these days falls on the weekend, payday will be the last working day before either of those days (i.e. usually Friday but occasionally earlier on holiday weekends). On each payday, “real” paychecks are available in 34 SPL after 12:00 noon on payday up until closing time.

We strongly encourage the use of Direct Deposit. On payday, “real” paychecks are available to you only when our offices are open; Direct Deposit gives you access to your funds immediately on payday.  Please email Sandy for instructions on how to arrange direct deposit.