D. Allan Bromley Fellowship

The D. Allan Bromley Fellowship is awarded annually to support one or more students in Physics who have advanced to candidacy in the Ph.D. program, with attention to students who exhibit a broader interest than just physics, including, but not limited to, science and public policy, engineering, and applied science. In this way, the recipients will reflect and celebrate Dr. Bromley’s distinguished and honorable persona in the exceptional scope, standing, talent, and character of his distinguished personal, public, and academic life.

The students shall be nominated by members of the faculty of the Physics department, and shall be selected for the fellowship by the D. Allan Bromley Chair in Physics, the Director of Graduate Studies of the Physics department and the Chair of the Physics department.

The recipients shall be bound by the standards of academic integrity and conduct enshrined in the Yale tradition and specified by the policies and regulations of personal and academic conduct of the Graduate School. Failure to honorably uphold these academic and personal standards, for conduct unbecoming in violation of these standards, shall result in immediate loss of the fellowship.

2023-2024: Gabriel G. T. Assumpção
2022-2023: Hannah Bossi & Talia Weiss
2021-2022: Rajeev Erramilli
2020-2021: Kimmy Cushman
2019-2020: Kelly Backes & Emma Castiglia
2018-2019: Jared Rovny
2017-2018: Savannah Thais & Danielle Norcini
2016-2017: Tonima Ananna & Charles Brown
2015-2016: Alexandru Georgescu
2014-2015: Marco Bonett-Matiz
2013-2014: Emma Ideal & Chris McKitterick
2012-2013: Camille Avestruz
2011-2012: Aaron Mertz
2010-2011: Merideth Frey
2009-2010: Benjamin Zwickl & Stephen Eckel

Fellowship Type: 
Graduate (endowment fellowships)
Inside or Outside Fellowship: