DeForest Pioneers Prize

DEFOREST PIONEERS (1960). Board of Directors of DeForest Pioneers, Inc., in honor of the outstanding scientific achievements of Lee DeForest, Ph.B. 1896. For a senior physics major for distinguished creative achievement in physics.

2022: Yiming Zhang (Physics (Int.))
2021: Shantanu Jha (Mathematics & Physics)
2020: Elizabeth Ruddy (Physics (Int.))
2019: Andrew Lingenfelter (Physics (Int.))
2018: Arina Bykadorova Telles (Mathematics & Physics)
2017: Jedidiah Oliver Thompson (Physics (Int.))
2016: Alexandros Mousatov (Physics (Int.))
2015: Christopher Cappiello (Physics (Int.))
2014: Hendrik Kits van Heyningen (Mathematics & Physics)
2013: Dominic Kwok (Physics (Int.)) and William Wilkin (Physics (Int.))
2012: Travis Ing (Mathematics & Physics) and Daniel Kapec (Physics (Int.))
2011: Ivan Kozyryev (Physics (Int.)) and William Zeng (Physics (Int.))
2010: Patrick Madden (Physics) and Matthew Smith (Physics (Int.))
2009: Eli Luberoff (Physics (Int.)), Samuel Post (Physics), and Axel Schmidt (Physics (Int.))

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