Does a student need to live on campus to be able to do research in an on-campus lab? Can they live off-campus and come on campus to do research?

In-person, on-campus employment or research is restricted to students who are enrolled in residence. Because of public health constraints, only students who are enrolled in residence are eligible for in-person, on-campus employment or research, part-time or full-time, paid or unpaid, including laboratory research. Students who are enrolled remotely, on leave, or withdrawn are all ineligible. So are students from other schools, colleges, or universities.

Students enrolled in residence are those who are enrolled and living on campus or, if they are juniors or seniors, in the neighborhoods adjacent to campus or within commuting distance. Keep in mind that in the fall only a very small number of sophomores will receive special permission to enroll in residence; in the spring, only a very small number of first-year students will.