Wright Laboratory Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium 2018

Event time: 
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 9:30am to 11:00am
Wright Lab (WL), 216 See map
272 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Event description: 

Wright Lab will host an undergraduate summer research symposium on two days:

Monday, July 30 from 11-12:30

Ryan Montesi and Alex Latham (Baltay) - Calibration of Type Ia Supernova Photometry
Cady van Assendelft (Lamoreaux/Maruyama) - Development of Phase II of HAYSTAC
Alec Emser (Moore) - Measuring the Blackbody Spectrum of a Levitated Microsphere
Ava Polzin (Newburgh) - Examining Drone Calibrations for HIRAX
Josh Purtell (RHIG) - Using Machine Learning Techniques to Identify Heavy Jets

Wed, Aug 1 from 9:30-11

Krish Desai (Newburgh) - Digital Noise Source Development
Robert Howard (Baltay) - Using SNID to calibrate the WFIRST spectrometer
Charlotte Kavaler (Moore) - Electron Drift in Liquid Xenon
George Halal (RHIG) - Machine Learning for Heavy Flavor Jet Tagging
Lukas Baker (Heeger) - Towards a Precise Measurement of the PROSPECT Scintillator Response with TACO
Shoumik Chowdhury (Moore) - Using microfluidics for the controlled delivery of single microspheres into an optical trap