Leigh Page Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching

The Physics Department is pleased to announce the Leigh Page Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching, a new annual departmental graduate teaching award. The award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in graduate student teaching, distinct among the already high standard of teaching that graduate students in the physics department consistently achieve. This award will support the graduate program learning goal that “Students will become educators and communicators with the ability to promote an understanding and appreciation of physics across the university and in society” and help solidify in our community that effective and informed teaching is one of our core values.

Award Description: This is an annual award given by the Physics Department to one or two physics graduate students for excellence in teaching at the undergraduate or graduate level, and/or significant teaching contributions to scientific outreach or public education events. Recipients of the teaching award will receive a $500 prize.

Eligibility: Graduate students in the Department of Physics who have fulfilled the teaching requirement for the program.

Selection Criteria: Excellence in teaching is based on the following criteria, where applicable:

  • Establishing an inclusive classroom environment, providing support and flexibility so that all students can thrive.

  • Inspiring students to develop the habits and skills of independent thinking and scientific inquiry and engagement.

  • Enthusiasm for the craft and practice of teaching, with a focus on continuous development and consistent improvement

  • Demonstrated leadership/mentorship of peer educators and encouragement of effective teaching in others

Nomination Process: Nomination letters may be sent by faculty or staff members from teaching or outreach programs, or graduate students may self nominate. Up to two supporting letters can be sent in addition to the nomination letter. Please send nomination and supporting letters to Rona Ramos (rona.ramos@yale.edu), by Friday, August 11th. Letters should address the relevant selection criteria above. The Graduate Student Awards Committee will review applications and select recipients. Awards are presented in the fall during the orientation program for new graduate students

If you have any questions about the award, please email rona.ramos@yale.edu


2022 - Lauren Saunders and Sohan Vartak
2021 - Emma Castiglia and Luna Zagorac

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Graduate (department awards)
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