Leigh Page Prize

The Leigh Page Prize is offered to first year graduate students in recognition of their fine academic record and for the promise of important contributions to the field of physics. 

2019 - Ryan Mescall, Alex Reda, and Arina Telles
2018 - Daniel Green & Qian Wang
2017 - Yunpeng Ji & Lauren Saunders
2016 - Kelly Backes, Emma Castiglia, Volodymyr Sivak, Sohan Vartak, and Jaya Venkatraman
2015 - Amber Hudspeth, Mariel Pettee, and Daniel Seara
2014 - Shany Danieli
2013 - Tonima Tasnim Ananna, Charles Brown, Elena Gramellini, Dandan Ji, Danielle Norcini, Michela Paganini, Meredith Powell, Brooke Russell, Lucie Tvrznikova, and Jared Vasquez
2012 - Derek Murray
2011 - Anna Kashkanova & Xin Li
2009 - Alice Ohlson & Tomomi Sunayama

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