Physics Department Committees & Teaching (2018-2019)

Teaching 2018-2019

Course No. Course Title Instructor Term
PHYS 040 Expanding Ideas of Time and Space Meg Urry Fall
PHYS 050 Science of Modern Technology & Public Policy Daniel Prober Fall
PHYS 151 Multivariable Calculus for Engineers Vidvuds Ozolins Fall
PHYS 165L General Physics Laboratory David DeMille
Laura Newburgh
Keith Baker
Rona Rams
PHYS 170 University Physics: Life Sciences Simon Mochrie Fall
PHYS 180 (2 sections) University Physics Adriane Steinacker Fall
PHYS 200 Fundamentals of Physics Sarah Demers Fall
PHYS 205L/PHYS 206L Modern Physical Measurement Helen Caines
Bonnie Fleming
Karsten Heeger
Sidney Cahn
Stephen Irons
PHYS 210 Electronics for the Physicist Stephen Irons
Steve Lamoreaux
PHYS 260 Intensive Introductory Physics Steven Girvin Fall
PHYS 293 Einstein and the Birth of Modern Physics Douglas Stone Fall
PHYS 301 Introduction to Mathematical Methods of Physics Vincent Moncrief Fall
PHYS 353 Introduction to Biomechanics Michael Murrell Fall
PHYS 401 Advanced Classical Physics Nikhil Padamanabhan Fall
PHYS 410 Classical Mechanics Charles Baltay Fall
PHYS 420 Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics Nir Navon Fall
PHYS 428 Science of Complex Systems Jun Korenaga Fall
PHYS 439 Basic Quantum Mechanics Liang Jiang Fall
PHYS 441 Quantum Mechanics & Natural Phenomena Witold Skiba Fall
PHYS 448/PHYS 548 Solid-State Physics I Sohrab Ismail-Beigi Fall
PHYS 458/PHYS 675 Principles of Optics with Applications Hui Cao Fall
PHYS 460/PHYS 506 Mathematical Methods of Physics Nicholas Read Fall
PHYS 469 Independent Research in Physics David Moore Fall
PHYS 471 Independent Projects in Physics David Moore Fall
PHYS 500 Advanced Classical Mechanics Yoram Alhassid Fall
PHYS 508 Quantum Mechanics I R. Shankar Fall
PHYS 515 Topics in Modern Physics Research Yoram Alhassid Fall
PHYS 524 Introduction to Nuclear Physics Bonnie Fleming
Karsten Heeger
PHYS 561 Introduction to Dynamical Systems in Biology Damon Clark
Kathryn Miller-Jensen
PHYS 609 Relativistic Field Theory I Thomas Appelquist Fall
PHYS 628 Statistical Physics II Meng Cheng Fall
PHYS 632 Quantum Many-Body Theory II Leonid Glazman Fall
PHYS 669 Relativistic Field Theory III Walter Goldberger Fall
PHYS 677 Noise, Dissipation, Amplification, and Information Michel Devoret Fall
PHYS 762 Laboratory Instruction Design & Mechanical Arts Kurt Zilm
David Johnson
PHYS 991 Integrated Workshop Corey O’Hern
Marcus Bosenberg
Mark Gerstein
Scott Holley
Nikhil Malvankar
Michael Murrell
Madhusudhan Venkadesan
PHYS 045 Physics Meets the Arts Agnes Mocsy Spring
PHYS 100 Energy Technology and Society Daniel Prober
Michael Oristaglio
Julie Paquette
PHYS 107 Being Human in STEM Helen Caines
Sarah Demers
Andrew Miranker
Agnes Mocsy
Katherine Schilling
PHYS 120 Quantum Physics and Beyond John Harris Spring
PHYS 151 Multivariable Calculus for Engineers Beth Anne Bennett Spring
PHYS 166L General Physics Laboratory David DeMille
Jack Harris
Meg Urry
Rona Ramos
Mehdi Ghiassi-Nejad
PHYS 171  University Physics: Life Sciences Daisuke Nagai Spring
PHYS 181 (2 sections) University Physics Adriane Steinacker Spring
PHYS 201 Fundamentals of Physics Sarah Demers Spring
PHYS 205L/PHYS 206L Modern Physical Measurement Karsten Heeger
Stephen Irons
Sidney Cahn
Mehdi Ghiassi-Nejad
PHYS 261 Intensive Introductory Physics Steven Girvin Spring
PHYS 341/PHYS 523 Biological Physics Ben Machta Spring
PHYS 343 Gravity, Astrophysics & Cosmology Laura Newburgh Spring
PHYS 344 Quantum & Nanoscale Physics Sean Barrett Spring
PHYS 382L Advanced Physics Laboratory Reina Maruyama
Steve Lamoreaux
Nir Navon
Sidney Cahn
PHYS 402 Advanced Classical Physics Nikhil Padmanabhan Spring
PHYS 430 Electromagnetic Fields & Optics David Moore Spring
PHYS 440 Quantum Mechanics & Natural Phenomena I R. Shankar Spring
PHYS 442 Introduction to Nuclear & Elementary Particle Physics Charles Baltay Spring
PHYS 449/PHYS 549 Solid-State Physics II Vidvuds Ozolins Spring
PHYS 470 Introduction to Independent Projects in Physics Bonnie Fleming Spring
PHYS 472 Independent Projects in Physics Bonnie Fleming Spring
PHYS 502 Electromagnetic Theory I A. Douglas Stone Spring
PHYS 504 Modern Physics Measurements Steve Lamoreaux
Nir Navon
PHYS 512 Statistical Physics Meng Cheng Spring
PHYS 517 Methods & Logic in Interdisciplinary Research Corey O’Hern Spring
PHYS 526 Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics Keith Baker Spring
PHYS 538 Introduction to Relativisitic Astronomy & Relativity Witold Skiba Spring
PHYS 562 Dynamical Systems in Biology Thierry Emonet
Jonathan Howard
PHYS 590 Responsible Research for the Physical Scientist Staff Spring
PHYS 608 Quantum Mechanics II Nicholas Read Spring
PHYS 610 Quantum Many-Body Theory Leonid Glazman Spring
PHYS 630 Relativisity Field Theory II Thomas Appelquist Spring
PHYS 762 Lab Instruction Design & Mechanical Arts Kurt Zilm
David Johnson
PHYS 816 Techniquest Microwave Measurement Robert Schoelkopf Spring

Committee List 2018-2019

DGS Nikhil Padamanabhan (Fall 2018); Sean Barrett (Spring 2019)

DUS Simon Mochrie (Fall 2018); Reina Maruyama (Spring 2019)

Physics Club, Fall: Laura Newburgh, Steven Girvin

​Physics Club, Spring: David Moore, Ben Machta

Committee on Climate & Diversity


Helen Caines (Chair)
Meng Cheng
David Poland


Rona Ramos
Lilian Vinston
Geriana van Atta

Graduate Students:

Charles Brown
Elena Gramellini
Emily Kuhn
Danielle Norcini

Undergraduate Students:

Julia Wei
Katherine Melbourne
Sophia Sanchez-Maes

Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Graduate Program

Daisuke Nagai, Chair
Yoram Alhassid
Keith Baker
Sarah Demers
Walter Goldberger
Jack Harris
R. Shankar (Fall only)
Nicholas Read (Fall only)

Graduate Admissions

Steve Lamoreaux, Chair
Meng Cheng
Benjamin Machta
Nir Navon
Laura Newburgh
David Moore
Two members from Applied Physics 

Special Opportunities Committee

Jack Harris, Chair
Karsten Heeger
Simon Mochrie
Meg Urry


Simon Mochrie, Chair
Meg Urry
Paul Tipton

JBPO Attendees

Paul Tipton
John Harris

Space Committee

Nikhil Padmanabhan, Chair
David DeMille
Bonnie Fleming
Leonid Glazman
Karsten Heeger

In addition there are four promotion committees active with one chair each and 12 additional members