32nd Hanan Rosenthal Memorial Lecture

December 2, 2005

the Yale Physics 32nd Hanan Rosenthal Memorial Lecture will be given December 9, 2005 by Wolfgang Ketterle, Nobel Laureat and the John D. MacArthur Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy.

Friday, December 9, 2005 - New forms of quantum matter near absolute zero temperature

The Hanan Rosenthal Memorial Lecture was established in honor of physicist Hanan Rosenthal, a brilliant graduate student at Columbia University and instructor at Yale. This annual lecture in atomic physics, Rosenthal’s field, is given by a distinguished leader in the field. Originally, the lecture series alternated between Columbia and Yale, which were both significant in Hanan Rosenthal’s career; in recent years, the lecture has been held only at Yale University.

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