Dan Prober (Professor of Applied Physics) awarded the “2018 IEEE Council on Superconductivity”

November 9, 2018

Dan prober received the ieee council on superconductivity award for 2018.

The award given in recognition of  his continuing and significant contributions in the field of superconductive electronics, in particular: 

  • for pioneering work on SIS quasiparticle mixers, including the first demonstration of detector sensitivity approaching the quantum limit;
  • for inventing the diffusion-cooled hot electron bolometer, a high sensitivity and large-bandwidth superconducting heterodyne mixer;
  • for advancements in nanofabrication that have been used to develop ultra-sensitive devices based on superconducting nanostructures; and
  • for fundamental studies of noise in mesoscopic superconducting systems, which have improved our understanding of the sensitivity limits of superconducting devices.

See more information at IEEE Council on Superconductivity (IEEE CSC).