Gavrielov joins Yale Physics as Postdoctoral Fellow

April 12, 2021

Yale Physics welcomes Noam Gavrielov as a postdoctoral fellow in physics. He will be here for one year working with Francesco Iachello in theoretical nuclear physics.

Gavrielov’s research in his own words, “The structure of atomic nuclei at distances greater than a few fermi is determined by the combined strong, electromagnetic and weak interactions. Given this environment, one might expect an extremely chaotic and complex situation. Nevertheless nuclei often display very regular excitation patterns. My research concentrates on understanding the structure of the atomic nucleus. To that end, I study its structural evolution by means of varying the number protons or neutrons, its shell evolution, the occurrence of quantum phase transitions (QPTs) and the emergence of collectivity, using algebraic symmetry-based models. Employing such models, one can describe the nucleus’ complex dynamics in terms of quantum numbers and its symmetry, derive selection rules, calculate many observables and predict numerous properties.”

Some publications of interest are:

  • Interplay Between Shape-Evolution and Shape Coexistence in the Zr isotopes, N. Gavrielov, A. Leviatan and F. Iachello, Physica Scripta 95, 024001 (2020), Focus issue on Nuclear Shapes and Symmetries: From Experiment to Theory.
  • Intertwined Quantum Phase Transitions in the Zr Isotopes, N. Gavrielov, A. Leviatan and F. Iachello, Physical Review C 99, 064324 (2019).
  • Quadrupole Phonons in the Cadmium Isotopes, A. Leviatan, N. Gavrielov, J. E. García-Ramos and P. Van-Isacker, Physical Review C (Rapid Communications) 98, 31302 (2018), Editors’ Suggestion.
  • Partial Dynamical Symmetries and Shape Coexistence in Nuclei, A. Leviatan and N. Gavrielov, Physica Scripta 92, 114005 (2017), Focus issue on Nuclear Shapes and Symmetries: From Experiment to Theory.

Extracurricularly, Gavrielov likes music, playing the guitar and hiking.