Howard L. Schultz and DeForest Pioneer Prize recipients for Yale College Class of 2018

May 21, 2018

Congratulations to Alexander Atanasov (YC’2018) Physics major, Nathaniel Barbour (YC’2018) Physics (Int.) major, William Eckner (YC’2018) Physics (Int.) major, Aaron Hillman (YC’2018) Physics (Int.) major, Ilana Kaufman (YC’2018) Physics major, Gabrielle Roberts (YC’2018) Physics (Int.) major, and Dylan Young (YC’2018) Physics (Int.) major for winning the Howard L. Schultz Prize awarded by the Physics Department. Congratulations also go to Arina Bykadorova (YC’2018) Mathematics & Physics major for winning the DeForest Pioneer Prize awarded by the Yale Department of the Secretary.