Inaugural Yale Mossman Fellow in Physics - Yuan Xin

January 23, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the first Mossman Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Physics will be Yuan Xin, who is currently a PhD candidate at Boston University working primarily under the supervision of Prof. Liam Fitzpatrick.  His appointment will start in Fall 2020.   Yuan’s research focuses on the development of analytical and numerical tools to understand conformal field theories in diverse number of dimensions, with applications to particle physics and to condensed matter.  In addition, Yuan has broad research interests in other areas of theoretical physics and has published work on scattering amplitudes, random matrix models, and on the Sachdev-Yeh-Kitaev model which of relevance both to condensed matter and to the AdS/CFT correspondence.   At Yale, Yuan’s research interest line up most closely with the current work of Witek Skiba and David Poland, but his range of interest will make him a lively addition to the activities in theoretical physics at Yale in general.