Kjetil Borkje, Postdoctoral Associate, November “Green Light Employee”

December 6, 2010

The Physics Green Team introduces “Green Light Employee”

Each month a Physics employee is selected at random and is asked questions regarding sustainability. This month, Kjetil Borkje was asked about going green.

Green Light Employee

Q: What are you doing to become a better eco citizen?

A: I purchase lunch from the local vendors (food carts) and bring my own plates and utensils to work and reuse them.

Q: Have you changed your habits at home?

A: I recycle and reuse more.

Q: Do you use the Yale Shuttle?

A: No. I walk.

Q: How do you commute to work? Do you use public transportation?

A: I walk to and from work.

interviewer: Laurelyn Celone