New Women in Physics+ Alumni Colloquium Series

February 18, 2022

Yale Women in Physics + (WiP+) are happy to announce that this spring we will be hosting the first Women in Physics+ Alumni Colloquium Series! This will consist of 5 virtual talks throughout the semester from Yale WiP+ Alumni from a variety of career paths and research interests.

The aim of this series is to highlight the work and personal experiences of Yale WiP+. Additionally, this will also serve as a delayed celebration of Yale 50/150 (where unfortunately in-person celebrations were canceled due to COVID-19).

The first talk in this series will take place on February 24th from 12-1pm with Professor Katherine Whitaker from University of Massachusetts at Amherst (PhD. Yale Astronomy, 2012) discussing her life and career path. We hope to see you all there and stay tuned for the announcement of later talks!