The ONEXYS for Physics Summer program for students entering PHYS 170 or PHYS 180 in the Fall has just successfully concluded its second outing.

September 7, 2017

Starting in Summer 2016, the Physics department initiated a new online summer program specifically targeting Yale students, planning to take introductory physics the following Fall, who were underprepared in the required mathematical skills. This program — ONEXYS for Physics — was created as a special track of the already existing ONEXYS program ( for incoming first years and is the result of a close collaboration between Physics, the Math department and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

Claudia De Grandi and Simon Mochrie (instructors of PHYS 170) designed and Claudia directed the first implementation of the program in Summer 2016, which was geared to incoming PHYS 170 students. Gratifyingly, students who participated in the program achieved remarkably high learning gains, and then went on to be highly successful in PHYS 170-171 last year.

In Summer 2017, the program continued and expanded. Together with Claudia and Simon, Adriane Steinacker (instructor of PHYS 180) joined the team to help design the program to be appropriate for both PHYS 180 and PHYS 170 incoming students. In collaboration with Jim Rolf and John Hall from the Math department, the material from the first implementation was revised to include some basic physics content, such as vectors and kinematics. Physics graduate student, Jared Rovny, lead Summer 2017’s implementation to success, directing the program and advising the coaches day-to-day during its six-week duration.