“Physics labs send remote learning kits” by Giovanna Truong (YC’2023)

Photo by Sid Cahn
August 31, 2020

from Yale Daily News (August, 31, 2020), “Physics labs send remote learning kits” by Giovanna Truong.

Over the summer, physics senior lecturer Sidney Cahn purchased hundreds of pegboards from Home Depots across Connecticut to send lab supplies to remote students enrolled in his introductory physics lab course.

As Yale begins its fall semester almost entirely online, natural science labs that require in-person data collection have had to reimagine their lab components. For their part, “General Physics Laboratory,” PHYS 165L, and “Modern Physical Measurement,” PHYS 205L, are shipping materials to remote students. Both classes will be taught completely online, according to the instructors. The course instructors cited different reasons for holding the courses remotely — including concerns of the University cancelling in-person classes as well as the difficulties of social distancing in a lab.

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