Tadic joins Yale Physics as Postdoctoral Associate

September 1, 2021

Yale Physics welcomes Petar Tadic as a postdoctoral associate in physics. He comes to us from Trinity College Dublin where he received his PhD from the School of Mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Manuela Kulaxizi. He will be working with Witold Skiba in theoretical particle physics.

Tadic’s research in his own words, “I am interested in the holographic duality between gravitational and non-gravitational theories. I study conformal field theories, with particular emphasis on the subset called ‘holographic CFTs’ that play an important role in holographic duality. I use conformal bootstrap as the technique to explore holographic, strongly coupled, CFTs. Also, I use their gravitational duals to describe the hydrodynamic (low-energy) regime of these theories.”

Some recent publications: