Yale Society of Physics Students (SPS) hosts first in-person “Physics of…” series

Credits: Ryan Bose-Roy (YC ‘24)
May 16, 2023

The “Physics of…” series, an outreach event hosted by Yale Society of Physics Students (SPS), ran in-person for the first time since the pandemic on April 22, 2023. Nearly 50 middle schoolers from across Connecticut gathered at Sloane Physics Laboratory to attend classes taught by four Yale undergraduates: Rose Branson (The Physics of Cosmic Rays), Ben McDonough (The Physics of Music), Pranet Sharma (The Physics of Relativity) and Robin Tsai The Physics of Nothing).

Officially titled “The Physics of…Everyday Mysteries: from Sound Waves to Gravity Waves”, the event was publicized with the following blurb:

Have you ever seen a subatomic particle with your own eyes? Have you ever wondered what’s behind the sound of your favorite song? How about the expanse of outer space, the physics shaping it? Join us as we explore the mysteries of the universe, from the miniscule to the unimaginably vast.

Outreach co-chairs Rose Branson (YC ‘24) and Ethan Martinez (YC ‘26), as well as DEI co-liaison Maddi Brown (YC ‘26), played a key role in planning, organizing and actualizing the event from start to finish in partnership with Dr. Maria Parente and Rick Crouse from Yale Pathways to Science. SPS co-president Barkotel Zemenu (YC ‘24) states, “The event ran so successfully thanks to the months-long preparation of our Outreach Team, the indispensable role of Pathways to Science and the incredible work of our volunteer teachers! It took a whole team effort to prune out the logistics, gather four dozen minors from across the state, and fully engage them in well-designed classes!”

First launched in 2019, “The Physics of…” series has featured several classes ranging from “The Physics of Juggling” to “The Physics of Fractals.”

Story taken from the Society of Physics Students news story of May 16, 2023, see below for link to original story.


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