Yale Postdoctoral Trainees

WIDG Seminar: Tyler Johnson, Duke, "The COHERENT Neutrino Program and the First Search for Neutrino-Induced Nuclear Fission"

Over 50 years ago, it was predicted that it is possible to split an atom with a neutrino interaction, but there has never been a concerted experimental effort to confirm this phenomenon. The existence of this process would inform nuclear astrophysics, nuclear reactor monitoring and give a vantage into a process that bridges both the weak and strong fundamental interactions. This would add the neutrino to the selective group of particles confirmed to induce nuclear fission.

WIDG Seminar: Vidul Joshi, Yale, "Quantum Zeno effect: preventing a photon from exiting a cavity"

The quantum Zeno effect refers to the freezing of the time evolution of a quantum system subjected to repeated
measurements. In this talk we try to answer the question, as to whether the Zeno effect can stop stochastic decay events like a photon jump from a cavity. There is a time scale governing the rate at which the

Kimball Smith Series: "Beyond Bits – Global Effects of Quantum Technology"

Join the Kimball Smith Series for a moderated panel followed by small group discussions regarding quantum technologies and their relevance to international affairs.

The panel will feature Mark Ritter (Chair of Physical Science Council at IBM Research) and Robert Schoelkopf (Sterling Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Physics; Director of Yale Quantum Institute). Both panelists are members of the U.S. National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.

NPA Seminar: Gavin Morley, Warwick University, "Levitating microdiamonds towards creating a macroscopic superposition"

We magnetically levitate microdiamonds in vacuum, and the microdiamonds we have made contain single nitrogen-vacancy centres with the longest spin coherence times. We aim to use this setup to put a microdiamond into a macroscopic quantum superposition of being in two places at once. But what is the gravitational effect of a mass in such a superposition? Sougato Bose has proposed a way to probe this question experimentally: if gravity is quantum then it could entangle two microdiamonds that are each in spatial superpositions.

“Let’s stick together: Sustaining the scientific record and scientific community during chaos” with Holden Thorp

Speaker: Professor Holden Thorp, Editor-in-Chief of the Science Family of Journals and a Professor of Chemistry and Medicine at George Washington University.

Host: Asian Faculty Association at Yale.
Co-sponsors: Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale, Kimball Smith Series.

Reception following presentation. No registration is required for the lecture.

Kimball Smith Series: "The Rise of Malignant Deterrence" with Richard Rhodes

Register below for a lecture by Richard Rhodes, historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Making of the Atomic Bomb.” Light dinner will be provided. Yale community members of all disciplines and levels of expertise are encouraged to attend.

Co-sponsors: Physics Department, History Department.
Partners: Wright Laboratory, Political Science Department.


Screening of Richland

Built by the US government to house the Hanford nuclear site workers who manufactured weapons-grade plutonium for the Manhattan Project, Richland, Washington is proud of its heritage as a nuclear company town and proud of the atomic bomb it helped create. RICHLAND offers a prismatic, placemaking portrait of a community staking its identity and future on its nuclear origin story, presenting a timely examination of the habits of thought that normalize the extraordinary violence of the past.

YPPDO Workshop: Transitioning into Industry after PhD and/or Postdoc with Jenna DiRito

Choosing your desired career path is a significant decision. Yet many students make these decisions every day without being well informed about alternative paths outside of academia. I was once one of those students too! In this seminar, I’ll talk through my journey in academia, starting my own biotech company, and the principles I use to decide major career decisions. My hope is that this talk helps you find resonance in your future careers as well, wherever they may be.

Host: Fernando Flor

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