Jinuk Kim

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Postdoctoral Associate
SPL 12
Research Areas: 
Atomic Physics, Optomechanics
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My name is Jinuk Kim, and I am a postdoctoral associate at Yale University. In 2022, I received my Ph.D. from Seoul National University for my research on the superradiance of atoms in a cavity. Following my Ph.D., I worked as a postdoctoral associate at Pohang University of Science and Technology on the atom-cavity quantum interface before joining Jack Harris’ group.

Research : 

In my Ph.D. research, I studied the quantum behavior of atoms in the cavity. At Yale I focus on a mechanical oscillator in a cavity.I am interested to observe non-classical states such as Fock state, squeezed state, entanglement of macroscopic mechanical oscillators.

Ph.D. 2022, Seoul National University, Korea
Jack Harris