Michel Devoret

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F.W. Beinecke Professor of Applied Physics
BCT 413
Research Areas: 
Condensed Matter Physics
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Current Projects: 

Quantronics Laboratory (QuLab): quantum superconducting tunnel junction circuits and their applications to information processing

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Director of the Applied Physics Nanofabrication Lab

Research : 

Devoret’s research focuses on experimental solid state physics with emphasis on “quantronics,” i.e., mesoscopic electronic effects in which collective degrees of freedom like currents and voltages behave quantum mechanically; investigations of quantum coherence in single Cooper pair devices for quantum computation and metrology; superconductivity at the single molecule level; amplification, information and noise in mesoscopic systems.

Ph.D, Universite d'Orsay, France, 1982
Honors & Awards: 
  • Olli V. Lounasmaa Memorial Prize (2016)

  • Fritz London Memorial Prize (with Robert Schoelkopf and John Martinis, 2014) 

  • John Bell Prize (with Robert Schoelkopf, 2013)

  • Elected to the French Academy of Sciences (2007)

  • Professor at College de France (2007-2012)

  • Europhysics-Agilent Prize, from the European Physical Society (with Daniel Esteve, Hans Moij and Yasunobu Nakamura, 2004)

  • Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2003)

  • Descartes-Huygens Prize from the Royal Academy of Science, Netherlands (1996)

  • Ampere Prize from the French Academy of Science (with Daniel Esteve, for the invention of the electron pump, 1991)

Selected Publications: 
  • Campagne-Ibarcq, P.;Eickbusch, A.; Touzard, S.; et al.  ”Quantum error correction of a qubit encoded in grid states of an oscillator”. Nature, 584, 368–372. (2020). arXiv:1907.12487doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2603-3

  • Grimm, A.; Frattini, N. E.; Puri, S.; Mundhada, S. O.; Touzard, S.; Mirrahimi, M.; Girvin, S. M.; Shankar, S.; Devoret, M. H.  “Stabilization and operation of a Kerr-cat qubit”. Nature.  584, 205–209. (2020). arXiv:1907.12131doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2587-z

  • Minev, Z. K.; Mundhada, S. O.; Shankar, S.; Reinhold, P.; Gutiérrez-Jáuregui, R.; Schoelkopf, R. J.; Mirrahimi, M.; Carmichael, H. J.; Devoret, M. H. , ”To catch and reverse a quantum jump mid-flight”. Nature,  570 (7760): 200–204. (2019). arXiv:1803.00545doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1287-z

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  • B. Abdo, K. Sliwa, S. Shankar, M. Hatridge, L. Frunzio, R.J. Schoelkopf, M.H. Devoret, Josephson directional amplifier for quantum measurement of superconducting circuits, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 167701. (2014)

  • I.M. Pop, K. Geerlings, G. Catelani, R.J. Schoelkopf, L.I. Glazman, M.H. Devoret, Coherent suppression of electromagnetic dissipation due to superconducting quasiparticles, Nature 508, 369–372. (2014)

  • Mirrahimi, Mazyar; Leghtas, Zaki; Albert, Victor V; Touzard, Steven; Schoelkopf, Robert J; Jiang, Liang; Devoret, Michel H., “Dynamically protected cat-qubits: a new paradigm for universal quantum computation”. New Journal of Physics, 16 (4): 045014. (2014). arXiv:1312.2017doi:10.1088/1367-2630/16/4/045014

  • S. Shankar, M. Hatridge, Z. Leghtas, K. M. Sliwa, A. Narla, U. Vool, S. M. Girvin, L. Frunzio, M. Mirrahimi, M. H. Devoret, Autonomously stabilized entanglement between two superconducting quantum bits, Nature, 504, 419–422. (2013)

  • B. Abdo, K. Sliwa, F. Schackert, N. Bergeal, M. Hatridge, L. Frunzio, A.D. Stone, M.H. Devoret, Full Coherent Frequency Conversion Between Two Propagating Microwave Modes, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 173902. (2013)

  • K. Geerlings, Z. Leghtas, I.M. Pop, S. Shankar, L. Frunzio, R.J. Schoelkopf, M. Mirrahimi, M.H. Devoret, Demonstrating a Driven Reset Protocol for a Superconducting Qubit, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 120501. (2013)

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  • Devoret, M. H.; Schoelkopf, R. J. , ”Superconducting Circuits for Quantum Information: An Outlook”. Science. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). 339 (6124): 1169–1174. (2013).  doi:10.1126/science.1231930

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