QuARK (Queer Affiliated fRiends of physiKs)


QuARK (Queer Affiliated fRiends of physiKs) is an organization focused on inclusion and support of members of the LGBTQ+ community in physics. Open to all queer-identifying members of the department (students/staff/faculty, etc.), we coordinate regular gatherings of a casual nature to discuss topical issues and foster community. Additionally, we organize occasional outreach events to interface with the department and broader Yale community.

Future plans are to start having biweekly Zoom meetings over the summer so that we can have a community while we deal with the pandemic, and once we return to campus we would like to invite speakers to give talks about both their work and being queer as a physicist. We also want to have ally mixers once a semester, where we invite anybody who wants to come to have a picnic or play board games, or something else like that. Finally, we are planning on having mixers among different departments. The first one might be a mixer with the History department’s queer group. 

Caitie Beattie Caitie.Beattie@yale.edu

Sumita Ghosh sumita.ghosh@yale.edu

Faculty Advisor

Jack Harris (jack.harris@yale.edu)