Space and Facilities

Facilities and space are critical to the Physics Department’s mission in research, teaching, and outreach. They also play a crucial role in building community and fostering interactions within the department and beyond.  This committee will advise the department and its Chair on the coordination and planning of space and facilities issues in the department. The committee and its members may also be asked to assist as department liaisons to university planning efforts.  

Jack Harris (SPL, PSEB)
Stephen Irons (SCL, SPL)
Chiara Mingarelli (KT)
Simon Mochrie (SPL, YSB)
Alison Sweeney (Qbio, YSB)
Adriane Steinacker (KT)
Andy Szymkowiak (KT, WLA)
Elena Siuzdak (Lead Administrator)
Maria White (Operations Manager)
Karsten Heeger (Department Chair, ex officio, WL, PSEB)