University of California Berkeley Miller Institute Kathryn A. Day Miller Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science is pleased to announce the Kathryn A. Day Miller Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. This award was established through a major pledge to the Institute by Professor Randy Schekman and Professor Sabeeha Merchant in honor of Kathy’s dedicated service to the Institute over a 30 year career. Kathy’s wishes are to support an outstanding young Miller Fellow. Eligible recipients will be selected through the established Miller Fellowship program competition and priority consideration will be granted to candidates who have demonstrated efforts towards community building and outreach in support of science. Kathy Day began her University of California career at UC Santa Barbara where she simultaneously obtained her Master’s Degree in Education. Following her 5 years in Southern California, she moved to the Bay Area with her family and was hired by Professor Fred Wilt to be the administrative head of the Miller Institute. Over the three decades of her service to the University and the Institute, she helped foster the overall growth of the program. Miller Fellowships expanded from 2 to 3 year terms, the Miller Senior Fellowship Program began, and the Annual Interdisciplinary Symposium was created. Kathy was dedicated to building a sense of community, particularly among the Miller Fellows. Picnics, hikes, field trips and social gatherings were key to developing these long-lasting relationships. Randy Schekman, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2013, was appointed the first Miller Senior Fellow in 2008. He has long been associated with the Miller Institute as a host to both Miller Fellows and Visiting Miller Professors. Professor Sabeeha Merchant, Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology and Plant and Microbial Biology, was a Miller Institute invited speaker at the 2019 annual symposium. Through their generosity, this new fellowship program has been established to continue their desire to support scientific research at the highest levels. Nominations for the Kathryn A. Day Miller Postdoctoral Fellowship award will be accepted during the Fall competition cycle for awards in the following Academic Year. Complete instructions will be made available on the Miller Institute website at:
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