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Directions to Yale Physics Department

Directions to Yale Physics Department

Travel Reimbursements

All forms mentioned below are found to the left.  Please submit all forms and receipts to the administrative assistant who helped with your travel arrangements. 

Please complete the Visitor Reimbursement (please note that the phone number needs to be entered as country code-area code/city code-telephone number) and Visitor Expense Summary forms.  Keep copies for your records.

Please keep in mind that reimbursements generally take three weeks from the date of submission.


Include a copy of the photo page from your passport as well as the I-94 from your passport, you may take a photo or scan the document your reimbursement cannot be processed without it. You are limited to reimbursements from a maximum of five institutions within the United States. In addition to the check request information form you will also need to fill in Section one of the IIF form (directions for IIF form) and the w8-BEN form (instructions for the w8-BEN form).


In addition to the Visitor Reimbursement and Expense Summary forms, you will also need to fill out a W-9 form.

Receipts to include:

Airline travel:

If you have a paper ticket, please include your airline passenger ticket receipt (showing the cost of the flight).

If you have an e-ticket, please include your boarding passes, copy of your itinerary and something showing payment method (your itinerary will do if it shows the amount paid, or a credit card receipt).

Ground transportation:

Airport shuttle transportation receipt

Train receipts

Taxi receipts

For mileage reimbursement:

If you drove and need reimbursement for mileage, please include a printout from MapQuest or Google Maps showing mileage to New Haven.