What Courses are being offered 2020-21?

• All core courses (including labs) are going to be offered as planned, plus a few new course offerings (PHYS 320, updated PHYS 206, perhaps new relativity class, and new electronics lab). The goal is to “make sure that the experience is the same no matter where you are taking classes from”
• The new class PHYS 320, on science policy, will count as an elective towards the major.
• Most classes will likely be synchronous (i.e. not pre-recorded) via Zoom, though the recordings will be made available, similar to last semester.
• PHYS 205L will be fully online in fall 2020. It may include small DIY experiments you can do at home, or more likely analysis of pre-recorded data. Details TBA.
• PHYS 206L is being completely reimagined as a new “computational methods and computational physics” class, i.e. fully online. This year, it can be taken out of order from 205.