Wilbur Cross Medal

The Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences presents its highest award, the Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal, to our most outstanding alumni. The medal recognizes distinguished achievements in scholarship, teaching, academic administration and public service, areas in which the legendary Dean Cross excelled. During the fall term medalists spend a day in their departments and receive the medal at a gala dinner.

Physics Winners

2009 William J. Willis, B.S. ’54, Ph.D. ‘58 
2003 Gerald Brown, Ph.D. ‘50
1999 Allen L. Sessoms, Ph.D. ‘72
1998 David Lee, Ph.D. ‘59
1991 Joseph Percival Allen, IV, Ph.D. ‘65
1991 W. Edwards Deming, Ph.D. ‘28
1986 Robert Joseph Birgeneau, Ph.D. ‘66
1985 John Paul Schiffer, Ph.D. ‘54
1981 Henry Margenau, Ph.D. ‘29
1976 James Henry Wakelin, Jr. Ph.D. ‘40
1968 William Martin Fairbank, Ph.D. ‘48

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Alumni Awards
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